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Welcome at Grensmakelaar                 

Are you looking for a house outside the Netherlands then you are at the good address. Two years ago we have started with the sale of immovable property in Germany. At present we can offer you already more than 150 objects. We want extend our offer further. For this we are in search of houses in the German border region. If you have a house in this area and you want these to sell? Please contact us. When you can't find your dream house on the site at the moment we offer you to make your wishes to us recognizable. The moment we get your dream house offered we let us get in touch directly with you. Also you can register yourself for the monthly mailing. So you always keep informed of the most current offer.

Do you want to be kept informed of our current offer? We have our own monthly mailing, the "GRENSPOST". You can receive "GRENSPOST" by leaving behind your e-mailaddress on this site. Then we will keep you informed.

For further questions, observations or suggestions please don´t hesitate to contact us at

We wish you lots of success with the search to your new dreamhouse.


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